Funding for your commercial space buildout

Aikito quickly and easily finances your move-in so that you can focus on building your business, not just your space


Aikito is build-now-pay-later for commercial real estate. Through our fast and simple financing of retail, office, and other commercial buildouts, we make any space possible.

Transparent and Easy Financing

With our innovative and friendly buildout financing, we help you build beautiful spaces without locking up valuable capital. All you have to do is pay one simple monthly bill.

Lightning Speed

Our quick approval process allows fast-growing companies to acquire, plan, and deploy commercial space at the speed of today's rapidly-changing business environment.

Simple Application

You want to focus on your business, not on funding construction. Our simple application cuts out the fluff (and headaches), making the process of getting a great space easier than ever.

We do deals that others simply can't

We beat everything from equity to conventional loans when it comes to financing a commercial buildout. There are a lot of ways to create your space, but at the end of the day nobody else can offer the same fast approval and flexible terms as Aikito.

Venture Debt
SBA Loan
Conventional Business Loan
Fast approval
Simple process
Buildout Financing
Grace period

Move in and move forward

Traditional commercial real estate deals lock up precious cash and waste valuable time on lengthy planning and builds. Aikito built a better way, with zero upfront capital requirements and smooth transactions that puts your dream space within reach. With Aikito, now everybody can have a beautiful, sustainable workplace – so you can invest in building your business, not just your footprint.



Professional Offices (Medical, Dermatology)

Light Industrial (Dark Kitchens, Warehouse)

Start building your future today

We’re in the business of helping your business and the planet. Contact us today to learn how to level up with Aikito and make the most out of your next real estate project.