Build with Purpose

The real estate sector is responsible for over 40 % of global emissions, making it one of the biggest contributors to climate change. At Aikito, we see this as a massive opportunity for us to create monumental change.

Aikito is at the intersection of finance and real estate. We fund real projects at the moment when considering the environmental impact is the most actionable and calculable. By working with developers, owners, and occupiers we are decoupling growth from greenhouse gas emissions.

We're financing the future of real estate—and making it more sustainable in the process.

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Our money is green

Our commitment to sustainability isn't just about being good citizens – it's also about being smart about your spend. We know that sustainability pays off, both in terms of environmental responsibility and financial returns.

Step 1: Awareness

We start with one simple question :
Have you considered the impact your project will have on the environment?

Step 2: Guidance

We know how to build right and we provide our clients with the resources, access, and funding to do the same.

Step 3: ROI

We measure and report the real impact of our sustainability efforts as well as the ROI of each project.

Every deal we do has an impact.

Our entire team is singularly motivated by the massive size of the industry we can impact through the unique scale of financing. And we believe every single deal we do can make a difference, today.

Start building your future today

We’re in the business of helping your business and the planet. Contact us today to learn how to level up with Aikito and make the most out of your next real estate project.